Feb 03 2009

שיר מיתון

Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, 1987:

‘But the silliest feature of all was that if you wanted your company accounts represented as a piece of music, it could do that as well. Well, I thought it was silly. The corporate world went bananas over it.’

. . .

‘You see, any aspect of a piece of music can be expressed as a sequence or pattern of numbers,’  enthused Richard. ‘Numbers can express the pitch of notes, the length of notes, patterns of pitches and lengths.’

. . .

The yearly accounts of most British companies emerged sounding like the Dead March from Saul, but in Japan they went for it like a pack of rats. It produced lots of cheery company anthems that started well, but if you were going to criticise you’d probably say that they tended to get a bit loud and squeaky at the end.

Microsoft Songsmith fed Stock Chart data, on YouTube, 2009:

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